stronger salem

Stronger Salem Schools, development, city government

Please vote on Nov. 5.

Salem Resident for 20+ years

  • Businessman with three Salem High School graduates
  • Rotary Club of Salem (2010-2023)
  • One of Parkway Brewing’s 7 founding members
  • First United Methodist Church Finance Committee
  • Past high adventure adviser Boy Scout Troop 51
  • Founded rental company in Salem


Let’s Continue the Forward Thinking Momentum of the Last 4 Years.

Transparency, Accountability & Communication

Jim Wallace would like your vote for re-election. Let’s continue to build a city government that’s more transparent, with better oversight and accountability and better communication with citizens.

Economic Development

Economic development is crucial for Salem and its citizens as it helps foster growth, create jobs, and improve overall quality of life.


Quality schools and good test scores are important because they are indicative of a strong educational system. This is crucial for individual and societal success.

Government Transparency

Transparency in Salem is crucial as it builds trust, accountability, and civic engagement. It also helps hold officials accountable, ensuring resources are used ethically.