A Stronger Salem Schools, development, city government
Salem Resident for 20+ years
  • Businessman with children in Salem schools

  • Rotary Club of Salem (Finance Committee Chair)
  • One of Parkway Brewing’s 7 founding members
  • First United Methodist Church Finance Committee
  • Past high adventure adviser Boy Scout Troop 51
  • Founded rental company in Salem

Forward Thinking.

Transparency, Accountability & Communication

Jim Wallace would like your vote on May 5, 2020. Let's build a city government that's more transparent, with better oversight and accountability, and communicates better with citizens.

Stronger Salem Schools
I want to help Salem develop a stronger educational foundation.

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  • Take advantage of all Roanoke Valley Governor’s School slots
  • Take a less adversarial approach to students and families who have disabilities or need IEP’s.
  • Mandate continuous improvement of student performance as measured by the state.
  • Address teacher morale.
  • Do more to keep drugs out of schools.
Revamped Economy

I’ll work to revamp economic development and city government.

      • Downtown upgrades need to continue
      • Focus on the rest of the city and bringing in new businesses that will generate tax revenue
      • Be more proactive vs. reactive in recruiting businesses
      • Develop a city government that has more willingness to listen to citizen input
      • Regularly communicate with citizens
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Vote May 19

IMPORTANT: All precincts will vote at Salem Civic Center.

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Jim's Bio/Resume

Jim Wallace is a long-time Salem resident, has 25+ years of sales and service experience in the city, and earned an MBA from UNC.